Services Overview

The primary business of American Hospital Management Company-India is outsourced turnkey Hospital Management.  We contract with existing or greenfield hospitals to take on the complete hospital operation management responsibility.  AHMC is a comprehensive hospital management servcies company, i.e., we are able to deliver a full suite of services related to successful hospital management.  Our management contracts are based on a management fee in the form of a percent of revenue of the hospital.  The term of each contract is usually 10-15 years.

For greenfield projects, we work with hospital promoters (charitable trusts, real estate developers, corporate houses, hospital REITs) to provide a complete solution starting with hospital feasibility study and business planning, construction management, commissioning, and outsourced hospital management.  Thus we provide a complete spectrum of services encompassing the entire life-cycle of a hospital project.

  • Feasibility study, Business, and Strategic Planning
  • New hospital Planning, Developing and Commissioning
  • Turn Key Outsourced Management
  • Organizational Transformation and Turn-Around
  • JCI Accreditation Consultation
  • Best Practices, Protocols and Process Improvement
  • Marketing and Branding


Each AHMC affiliated hospital maintains its own individuality, yet has within its grasp the resources of an international healthcare organization.  Our business philosophy and management experience enables us to bring “hands on” global resources locally to work with hospitals and doctors.  Whether you are building a new hospital, looking to develop a health plan, increase the hospital census, expand the reach of the market of your hospital or want to bring your hospital to the world market, AHMC is your partner and the total solution provider.

Our Greenfield hospital projects typically proceed through the following stages:

Feasibility Study

This Phase involves an AHMC Executive Team’s assignment to develop (or review) the Feasibility Study, Business Plan, and Financial Analysis.  At this time AHMC will confirm and assess all data, assumptions and projections.  In addition, various construction alternatives will be evaluated along with the appropriate corporate structure.  The AHMC Executive Team will prepare the complete prospectus of the project and will be on-site to review the project and present a final report to the investor group and Board of Directors.

Construction Management

This Phase includes the provision of an Administrative Project Consultant that is suitably knowledgeable and experienced in hospital operations particularly in relation to the construction of a healthcare facility that meets international standards.  This phase will also involve the oversight of the administrative development as it relates to construction of the site, facility, and the hospital’s medical equipment planning and acquisition.

AHMC is not an architectural firm; however, we work with firms that are of international reputation for high quality and have designed hospitals worldwide.  At the discretion of the client world class architects and hospital designers can be involved with the project.

Pre-Operations and Commissioning

This Phase entails the recruitment and training of personnel and medical staff; medical equipment procurement, installation and training;,as well as the development of operating plans and establishment of policies and procedures.  This Phase concludes with the healthcare facility’s commissioning which entails a systematic and documented process by which the owner’s operational needs are tested to verify that hospital systems perform efficiently and according to specifications.

Administration and Operations

This Phase encompasses the direct and ongoing administration and supervision of the healthcare facility.  AHMC’s on-site Executive Team will be responsible for all day-to-day administration and executive management of the healthcare facility to international standards.

JCI Accreditation and Specialized Healthcare Services

AHMC has extensive international experience in implementing JCI accreditation standards in hospitals in emerging markets such as India.  AHMC’s commitment to “turn-key services and total solutions” means successful results and customized solutions tailored meet the unique needs of our affiliates, partners and prospective clients from around the globe.  AHMC’s Advisory and Specialized Consulting Services were developed in order to meet the perceived needs in the market.