Pre-Operations and Commissioning

Pre-Operations and Commissioning

  • Staffing Core Operating Team
  • General Staffing and Recruitment
  • Development Process and Procedures
  • Implementation of health information technology and systems
  • Process Design and Protocol Implementation
  • Establish Financial Controls and Measures
  • Hospital Commissioning

Estimated Time

  • 6 months to 1 year

Scope of Services

AHMC will staff key individuals at the appropriate time of the project’s development.  During this phase AHMC will recruit/train department managers and support staff at appropriate intervals while being judicious and cost-effective. In addition Employee Policies and Procedures, Handbooks, Salary and Benefit Structure and Job Descriptions will be developed.

A major focus will also include the recruitment of physicians and specialists in accordance with the hospital’s anticipated services lines and related needs.  In order to ensure the hospital promotes an environment conducive to practicing quality care AHMC will work with the Medical Director to establish a Quality Monitoring Program. In addition, AHMC’s Process Design and Protocol Implementation Plan will outline the work that is to be accomplished in the facility while addressing the need for maintaining accountability of results.

AHMC will develop the hospital’s Operating Policies and Procedures, as well as its Charge Description Manager and billing processes. Additionally, AHMC will implement Financial Controls/Processes, Pricing Strategy and contract with potential insurance companies, private employers and government entities to provide healthcare services while assuring prompt payments and enhancing the hospital’s cash-flow.  AHMC works directly with the owners/developers and construction manager/architect to ensure that all legal permits are obtained to initiate hospital operations.  The Marketing and Branding Plan is adapted as necessary according to local conditions in order to maximize evolving market opportunities.

The Hospital’s commissioning will be conducted by the AHMC representative who will stage “practice runs” in order to ensure all equipment is functioning appropriately and according to predetermined specifications as well as that all staff comprehend how patients flow through the system efficiently and effectively.