International Alliances

GPO of the Americas

GPO of the Americas is a consortium of international hospitals using their collective purchasing power and resources to save money on the purchasing of medical supplies, in addition to new and used medical equipment. The Group Purchasing Organization, GPO, is the leader in Latin America for hospital and doctor’s purchasing. They work with manufacturers and distributors in both the United States and Latin America to provide the greatest savings possible. Whether you are seeking medical and surgical supplies, a new or used CT-Scan, a MRI, Ultrasound or nuclear medicine equipment, they are here to help you get the greatest value with your purchase.

Medicorp Tecnología

Medicorp is the provider for several major trademark companies in the medical equipment industry both locally in Brazil and internationally. The purpose of AHMC’s alliance with Medicorp is to expand the companies’ service offerings to Latin America. (

Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians (HMFP) and Harvard Emergency Medicine Consulting Group

With the goals of advancing the field of emergency medicine and improving patient care, Emergency Medicine Consulting at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at BIDMC (EMC-HMFP) assists domestic and international healthcare organizations in creating high quality, efficient emergency care systems and emergency medicine educational programs.

Our consultants are physicians, nurses and administrators who understand the daily challenges of operating cost-efficient, patient-focused emergency departments in a variety of clinical settings. On faculty at Harvard Medical School, our consultants are academic and clinical physicians who have hands-on experience dealing with the issues that your emergency department encounters daily. ( |

Universidad CES

Universidad CES is a Colombian university, recognized by its academic excellence and for its programs and projects. Since its foundation, the academic excellence has been their ultimate goal, which has allowed them to reach the recognition of the medical and general community. CES is the first institution of superior education with accredited programs in Colombia. CES is a contributor in the development and improvement of the education and elevates the scientific level and facilitates the learning through scientific method. It has 10 investigation groups. These programs have been created to guarantee the construction and permanent development of the institutional educational program with high quality standards and excellence, and in that way, to offer the society, creative, innovative, critical and capable students, and leaders in the transformation of their surroundings professionally and socially. (