Feasibility and Business Plan Development

Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Financial Analysis for New Hospital Building Projects

  • Hospital Business Plan and Feasibility Study Development
  • Creation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the Hospital project
  • Financial Analysis and Projections
  • Determine Scope of Services
  • Preliminary Employee and Staff Planning
  • Phase Review and Prospectus

Estimated Time

  • 2 months

Scope of Services

An AHMC Executive Team will travel to the site in order to conduct a survey and interview board members, community leaders, and other key influential stakeholders that can have a positive influence on the success of the project.  AHMC will conduct a market analysis to review the project’s sustainability relative to the local population and anticipated business opportunities. AHMC will also determine the recommended scope of services including service lines, as well as research and educational component.

During this phase AHMC will develop (or review) the financial projections which consist of an opening financial statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.  Depending on the scope of services identified, AHMC will make the necessary recommendations regarding the appropriate investment in the building, equipment, Health Information Technology and working capital needs.

AHMC’s Preliminary Employee and Medical Staff Plan plays in integral role in identifying the human resource needs and related resources needed to develop and manage the healthcare facility.  An evaluation is conducted in order to identify services that could potentially be provided by external sources (Example: maintenance, security, etc.) and make recommendations regarding the appropriate services to outsource and their financial impact.

AHMC will identify insurance companies, private employers and government entities for the purpose of developing mutually beneficial contractual arrangements to provide hospital services to sources of potential patient referrals.  In addition, AHMC will review operational costs such as malpractice, insurance, utilities, salaries, etc.

AHMC will develop a Prospectus that hospital owners and board members can utilize in discussions with investors and banks for financing purposes.