Digital Marketing

Why is the need for Digital Marketing?

India has 190 million internet users as of June 2014. This number is growing at a rapid rate and is suppose to surpass US population this year. In a country whose demographic has 50% of youth below the age of 30, no marketing can afford to avoid intent as a medium. However, it is not easy to go online and win business. There are certain problems that require expert digital marketing service ensuring your business make the most of opportunity that the Internet offers. Some of the problems that necessitate employing the best digital marketing service are as follows.

How to Reach Out?

It is great that you have put up a nice online platform and have featured your products or services, but the real challenge lies in reaching out to people or potential customers. There are almost ‘n’ numbers of websites similar to yours and they have their reach, what about yours.

How Much To Invest?

It is quite common to keep on pumping money over online properties only with a hope that one fine day the website will start reaping benefit. But in almost all of the cases, there come no such fine day. The reason for such failure is in being directionless and absence of a proper digital strategy.

How To Monetize and Keep Growing?

Now that you have hit initial success, the concern moves over to find out ways to monetize the success and keep growing. If you are not proactive, your web property might fade out as a child prodigy. Further, the web has fierce competition and therefore you just not only have to be active but also have to utilize the best tools and methods to keep moving ahead over the success path.

Roadmap To Grow As A Brand

Your growth as a successful online business might face roadblocks such as bad online reputation or even an absence of it. Your business might saturate before you are reckoned as a brand. And these are not pessimistic lines rather are truth that need to be avoided with help of the best digital marketing services.

What is The Solution That We Offer?

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and as one of the most effective marketing tool it has already surpassed its predecessors. The value that it attracts to a brand, product or business is incomparable to that garnered by any other marketing technique. In today’s time there is no way that you can miss out on the benefits of digital marketing in India and the world.

The expanses of user base that can be reached by an internet marketing company Delhi is immense and so are the benefits reaped. Whether you own a gallery or a store, or you run your business over the web space, you cannot discover success online until your business is backed by custom techniques of internet marketing.

AHMC-I focuses on use of ethical, best and most updated methods of internet marketing India techniques.

Components of Our Digital Marketing Service

AHMC-I, as a digital marketing agency, focuses on exposing the products, brands and businesses to its target user base. The methods of internet marketing utilized by us at AHMC-I include the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The core technique used to ethically promote websites or the portal offering products or services over the internet and more importantly over the popular search engines.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Today 92% of the online population owns a Facebook account. A country where everyone is on social media; no marketer can afford to lose its presence there. Social media marketing is also known to get maximum referral business as a platform.

Pay Per Click Camapigns

In this model of advertising you will only pay for the visitors who click on your advertisement and land to your website, unlike a TV advertisement where you pay for a slot irrespective whether someone sees and buys your product or not.

Content Marketing

Well it is very true that Content is King. We at AHMC-I have the best content writers who will write perfect web content for On Page promotion; copy for engaging landing pages, useful guides, FAQs’ and all other advertisement copies, banner copies and copies for Google advertisement which will engage consumers.

Pay Per Performance Marketing

At AHMC-I we facilitate online businesses to thrive with our custom crafted pay per performance packages. You will love the idea of paying only for efforts that reaped your benefits in form of a lead generation, registration, subscription or buying.

Articles, Blogs and PR Submissions

Our adept web content writers have proven skill to write engaging and interesting contents in form of Articles, blogs and PRs’ for off page promotion of your website that helps in getting traffic for your website.

Email Marketing

Emails that are effectively designed and developed has unparalleled reach. Our experts, custom develop e-mailers; newsletters and subscription content facilitating you reach to your targeted clients with your attractive and inviting offers.

Website Analytics

We offer Analytical services for your online business ensuring that you can track performance all your marketing efforts and assess the right platform where you want us to focus on.

Online Media Advertising

Whether it is Yahoo, Moneycontrol, Times of India, Rediff, Facebook or any other particular website where you want your advertisement to be displayed depending on the target; we will help you find select the sites and buy inventory for you too.

How Our Digital Marketing service helps

Search Engine Marketing

We help you get high ranking for your website on search engine like Google with our SEO procedure. Higher web rank means more visitors which will convert into buyers. AT AHMC-I, we ensure that we are updated with all Google updates so that we can keep your web ranks higher and out rank competitors.

Analysis and ROI Measurement

Every business runs on numbers and we know that therefore along with offering marketing strategies we use right platform to track and record performance of each activity. Whether it is Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics, YouTube and Facebook insights, we measure everything and map the goal funnel to understand consumer behavior. This helps us in achieving higher profits for your online business. Based on the same, we also meticulously frame objectives and devise strategies to fulfill our next viable goals.

Custom Campaigns and Dedicated Effort

Every business is unique and so after initial processes that put your business on track, we start devising custom campaigns and carry out in-depth competitor analysis ensuring your business growth does not stagnant. We also offer services such as pay per performance enabling you to shell out only when you reap benefit from our dedicated efforts.

Global Reach and Acceptance

Any and every business dreams of it but not all have means, direction and aptitude to actually achieve it. The path to achieve such goals passes through efforts that take care of all round development of a business. Wide reach, considerable acceptance and satisfactory ROI is mediocre; we, with our dedicated online advertising, online reputation management and other proven digital marketing tools and services, transform your humble online business into a global brand with worldwide reach and acceptance. We call it 540 degree of digital marketing.

What makes us the best?

Other than the aforementioned ways in which you gain from our digital marketing services we also offer you following benefits.

  • In house designers and developers who will offer you any deliverable to meet your strategy and digital requirement
  • Use of latest, most authenticated and ethical tools and technique
  • Digital marketing experts have more than 5 years of experience and are adept at their work to service your account 24×7
  • Google Analytics certified analyst to track your marketing
  • Certified Google AdWords experts to bid for right keywords to attract maximum business for you
  • Along with all the above resource we also promise to deliver you projects in a structured, professional and timely manner
  • We work to your requirement, respect the timelines and are focused to improve your ROI.