Company Overview

The American Hospital Management Company, India is a Joint Venture of two entities with similar ideologies and complementary capabilities – The American Hospital Management Company, and Sama Healthcare.  The collaboration brings together AHMC’s global experience in hospital operations with Sama Healthcare’s local expertise in the Indian market.

The American Hospital Management Company

American Hospital Management Company (AHMC) is a United States company based in Washington, DC.  It is a member company of the Family Hospital Group of Companies and the American Hospital Association (AHA).  AHMC is a diversified international healthcare system whose focus is the planning, development, and management of world-class hospitals and healthcare systems.  Founded in 1998, AHMC is the most experienced hospital administrator, project planner, medical equipment procurer, developer and advisory company in the Global Healthcare market today.  AHMC provides turnkey services and total solutions.  Unique to AHMC is its experience and success with Private-Public Hospital Partnerships as well as partnerships with academic teaching hospitals.  AHMC manages hospitals in South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa.  A complete list of hospitals under AHMC’s management can be found at

Sama Healthcare

Sama Healthcare is a company established in 2009 to manage hospitals, clinics, day surgery centers, and dialysis centers. The founders of Sama Healthcare have over four decades of experience in healthcare in India, as physicians and managers.  Sama Hospital, located in the heart of South Delhi, was established in 1982 and remains an icon of clinical excellence.  Leveraging our experience, expertise, and brand, we have developed partnerships with various hospital promoters to build and operate hospitals on their behalf.  Over the years, we have developed an extensive network of physicians and medical professionals, enormous goodwill in the medical community, and expertise in management of healthcare facilities.  Since its inception in 2007, Sama Healthcare has undertaken several greenfield hospital projects and has established itself as a national expert in the field of hospital development and operations.  Please visit our website: