Administration and Operations

Administration and Operations

  • Turnkey Executive Management
  • Implement International Standards of Clinical Practice and Medical Care
  • Implement AHMC Best Practice Financial and Operations Management Service
  • Implementation Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Framework
  • Management and Control of Daily Business Operations
  • Recruitment, training, supervision and retention of Hospital Staff

Contract Term

  • 5 to 35 years

Scope of Services

AHMC’s expertise is in the Turnkey Executive Management of world-class hospitals.  We offer individualized total solutions to new and existing hospitals.  AHMC adheres to International Standards of Clinical Practice and Medical Care, as well as collaborates with elite medical centres in the United States and India to develop models of care that are “state-of-the-art” and dedicated to patient safety and quality outcomes. AHMC’s Quality and Patient Safety Framework empowers hospitals in the network with the ability to ability to implement, monitor, and evaluate procedures and systems by adopting methodologies for continuous quality improvement and international patient safety standards

AHMC’s Best Practices Financial and Operations Management Services provides network hospitals and clients the ability to understand and manage costs, control expenses, and develop financial plans that will support the successful implementation of the business strategy.  When AHMC assumes Management and Control of Day-to-Day Business Operations the hospital will benefit from highly experienced systems of control to ensure transparency and maintain controls and audit trails to offer investors the security their investments are being appropriately managed.

Finding and retaining employees is a hallmark of AHMC’s success.  The costs associated with recruitment are extremely high and our focus is on maintaining a highly motivated and trained workforce.  Also reinforces efforts to achieve accreditation and sustain international standards and quality.  AHMC utilizes international benchmark data in order to measure the hospital against the best healthcare facilities in the world.  These benchmarks are shared with staff, the Board and the investors.  On a continual basis the hospital can be assured that its Marketing and Branding will showcase successes and accomplishments that will be promoted both locally and internationally.

AHMC delivers a formal report on a monthly basis to Hospital Board and the investors.  Reports include the analysis of select financial reports and benchmarks